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Hope you feel better soon, Julie!


I am currently lucid enough to post a comment, although a very drugged up comment would probably be a lot funnier.

The ENT doctor told me that the results of taking out my tonsils would be the very worst sore throat of my life. I think that is misleading. This is, by far, the worst pain of my entire life. It feels as if someone has taken a bat to my head and neck. I would rather have another c-section to this pain.

Bob asked me if I would do it again if given the chance. At this point, I would not, but in a couple of weeks my mind will change. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.


Funny you should mention being beaten with a baseball bat... a mere few moments ago I made a reference to being beaten with a baseball bat in relation to something here at work. Given that I work in a professional office, non-sport-related work environment, I think it says a lot about my day.


Julie, when DanBob had his tonsils taken out, it was the worst experience for us all of us for at least 2 weeks. A friend of mine who has 2 kids that have had numerous surgeries (including head and spinal) told me that the tonsil thing was, by far, the worst. Get well soon!


I feel for you. My son had his appendix out a year and a half ago. It was a nightmare. I hope Julie recovers quickly.

Who do you have to sleep with to get one of them Bronsteins?


I had my tonsils removed when I was 9 years old. Everyone told me how great it would be because I would be showered with ice cream, popsicles and delicious cool beverages in the hospital. I think I was given one glass of Kool-Aid during my 3-day hospital stay. For the next several weeks, I would wake up to a blood stained pillow case and hack up blood clots, and then I had to return while they restrained me to the bed to "fix" what they screwed up. It was the worst experience of my life. I hate Children's Hospital to this day. My heart goes out to you, Julie. Get well soon.

Congratulations on the Bronstein. I was having "3-pete" t-shirts printed up, but you spoiled all of that. You are a formidable opponent. The award is well-deserved. Enjoy it boys, because T&A is making a run for it in 2008.

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